Most people are absolutely hesitant to talk about the word addiction, or address by some as an addict. The term addiction for some are associated and link with a negative meaning. But there are many kinds of addiction, in term of behavior is sometime applied as compulsion of a non substance-related, as addiction to shopping, sex, gambling and computer addiction. Despite the harmful effect to other people, the bad effect contribute by the user himself to his/her health, social life and mental statement.

Some are spending longer time in computer as part of their job and most of the technologies are particularly new every second, so I think more will pop up for new research done for the future. The term “social addiction” is always seen on news and headlines around paper and television. A lot are keep on patronizing social media because of online games, online friends and chat. But some people lost their job due to online addiction, other lost relationship for some reason. I hope that this subject may not be are problem for the future because I can see that this is becoming more and more of a problem.

Ask yourself, how many hour do you spend your time staring at your computer than talking to human?
Taking care of your social needs with online interaction rather than the personal one. Student now a days, instead of talking to each other we prefer to post it in a social networking sites taking about their feeling and thoughts. The latest new of this over 500 million people all over are interested on ones person life and already spying on one another. Not getting enough sleep and not eating no time are some bad effect of this. Also some come-up with conversation that can lead to discussion to argument.

How many of us wasting valuable time in social media sites like facebook, twitter or friendters. Waiting for someone to re-tweet my tweet or react on my post on walls or even just mention my name. Fighting over social media addiction should start by each of us. Try to realize that you can do thing and accomplish anything without the whole day sitting in front of the computer. Allow yourself to not check your emails or tweets for more than 15 minutes and more. Discipline is the only key to overcome social media addiction.

Although social media can be a help in term of business productive tool, it can be equally play and contribute a negative role if you lack of discipline, not being control of usage of different social media networks. Addiction is something that interferes to our life and being part of it sometime. Time will come mankind can do almost everything with the help of technology and still one thing will remains impossible, releasing the addiction on technology.;u=2325;sa=summary;u=221094;sa=summary;u=2989;sa=summary;u=1353;sa=summary